Welcome to spring 2019 from the world of T Wicks and Son.

As always an eventful time – we could mention Vivaldi’s Four Seasons as that is what we are currently getting each day. Beautiful spring sunshine, overcast, wind, rain, sleet, hail and snow but we will try not to talk about the weather.

We could mention how surprising it is that so many people are still trying to move even after the recent law changes in Stamp Duty Land Tax but we don’t want to talk about that either!

Removals Taunton Bath Somerset

We could mention the fact that our new Luton van has arrived and gone through the transformation into our colours and the fact that it’s ready for business. We like to talk about this now and then.

We think the main thing to mention is our lovely new office located next to our warehouse in Southover. Builders gone, decorators gone, phone lines in, computers in and best of all, ME in (Shaun) you can speak to me direct on 01749 678884.

Happy to talk about this a lot.

The office is open Monday to Friday 08.00 – 17.00. Please pay us a visit if you want to discuss storage, removals or just the weather.

Next phase is the upgrade of our warehouse, watch this space.